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Successful Business with RFID, RTLS and Beyond

Successful Business

RF technologies embrace Wi-Fi, WLAN, Wireless Sensors (Infrared, Ultrasonic, Optical Proximity and others, Bar Code Terminals, RFID, RTLS, Remote Control, Telematics, Voice and Data Communications (speech recognition), Video (face recognition), Specialized Antennas for Short- and Long-range applications and many others utilizing RF waves. An implementation of these technologies demands a very careful consideration of physics behind all processes and specific concern about environmental impacts. Synergy of several RF Technologies, if properly applied, facilitates Decision-Making and achievements of organizational objectives to maximize business performance and minimize losses. 

 Essential Performance


From a corporate point of view, you will obtain a solution that maximizes main business rations, for example, in:


Asset Utilization:

·         Increased:

o    Sales to Fixed Assets Ratio by 5% or more

o    Investment Turnover

·         Decreased:

o    Repairs and Maintenance Expenses by 10% or more


Operating Performance: 

·         Optimized:

o    Operating Assets Ratio

·         Increased:

o    Investment Income Percentage

o    Growth Profit per Person


Return on Investment:

·         Economic Value Added

·         Advanced:

o    ROAE - Return on Assets Employed

o    ROIE - Return on Infrastructure Employed

o    ROOA - Return on Operating Assets

o    ROEP - Return on Equity Percentage


Production Department:

·         Increased:

o    Throughput Effectiveness by 5% or more

o    Manufacturing Efficiency by 10% or more

o    Productivity Index

o    Mean Time between Failures with preventive measures by 5%

·         Reduced:

o    Average Equipment Setup Time by 10% or more

o    Warranty Claims Percentage

·         Optimized:

o    On-Time Delivery Ratio


Logistics Department:

·         Increased:

o    Production Schedule Accuracy by 10% or more

o    Raw Material Inventory Turns

o    Inventory Accuracy by 10% or more

o    On-Time Parts Delivery Percentage

·         Optimized:

    o    Percentage of Returnable Inventory

Beginning Phase


If you are at the beginning phase of your business initiative:

You will get selection and justification of optimal RF Technologies for your case maximizing your business performance and Profit/Loss Ratio.


·         Up front RF Technologies education about their capabilities and limitations

·         Needs Assessment Analysis with classified objectives and Report

·         Solution Architecture - unique for your application and conditions

·         Selection of system components, vendors and contractors

·         Metrics for determining implementation success


Defined RF Technologies


If you have already defined RF Technologies for implementation:

You get clear planning and orchestration of your implementation processes.


·         Guidance Instructions on Planning Implementation and Pilot Testing

·         Management of Implementation, Performance Testing and Verification

·         Coordination of SW and Middleware development

·         Custom-designed Antennas, PCBs and other devices

·         Knowledge transfer to end users ensuring the best system performance

·         FMEA preventing unintended or unidentified consequences





If you have frustrations with existing RF Technologies:

You will get immediate help to overcome challenges, issues and problems, often encountered in design, implementation, deployment and anything in between. 


·         Immediate response to the problems encountered during system running

·         Increased RF equipment Resilience to interferences and MTBF

·         Improved usage of the system

·         For RFID:

o    Increased Successful Interrogation Rate

o    Optimized transponders placement and secured attachment

o    Ensured system operation in the actual environment

o    Mitigated and/or eliminated EMI/RFI

o    Avoidance of Dead Areas, Transponders Proximity issues and Orientation

·         For RTLS:

o    Location Accuracy and Precision

o    Optimized transponders placement and secured attachment

·         For Wi-Fi:

o    Redundant communication with fewer Roaming