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Successful Business with RFID, RTLS and Beyond

What we can do together

RF: From Design to Deployment

Regardless of application type of RF & Microwave designs, whether in Military, Commercial or Industrial sectors, we can help you with New Solutions, Products and Components development related to LF-HF-VHF-UHF RFID, RTLS, NFC, Wi-Fi, Custom-made Antennas, Wireless Sensors,  Remote Control, etc.

Successful Business

Among technical innovations empowering Successful Business, RF technologies are probably the largest group of data capture and data exchange enablers. This group includes Communication Links, Wireless Sensors, Remote Control, Telemetry, etc.


Implementation of RF Technologies has its own specifics for every industry. What more important is an inside of each one there are many peculiarities that differentiate solution structures and execution methodologies for performance improvement of the same business process.

Deliver Brand Strength & Competitive Advantage
Minimize Waste Management Costs
Decrease Assets Management & Maintenance Expenses
Maximize Operational Profit/Loss Ratio
Assure Utmost Stock Accuracy and Block Theft & Shrinkage
Ensure Work Safety & Regulatory Compliance
Boost People & Equipment Efficiency and Effectiveness
Reduce Investment in Machinery, Tools & Equipment
Reduce Time of Warehouse Operation, Material Handling & Inventory
Extend & Simplify Customer Service
Improve Environment Protection
Avoid Adverse Events in Hospitals and Assisted Living Centers
Validate Products Advancement over Rivals
Provide Extremely Secured Access Control
Enable Faultless Medication Distribution in Healthcare