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Client:   Zebra Technologies Corporation (AIDC) - New Product Introduction

  • First on the market HF and UHF RFID Printer-Encoders, generating ~$5M/y sale
  • Internal RFID with Encryption Algorithm - saved company ~ $25 M;

  • World’s first mobile UHF RFID Printer (US & EU) with sale exceeded $15 M/y

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Client:   US Robotics (Telecommunications) - New Product Introduction

  • Single-chip ASICS telecom modems “X2-Technology” - volume: ~10M unit/y

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Client:   TRW - Automotive Division (Automotive Electronics) - New Product Introduction

  • Innovative Immobilizers - RFID Systems @135 kHz

  • Low cost RF remote keyless entry (RKE) @330-430 MHz

  • Exclusive RF Near-Field Antenna for Reliability Tester decreasing twice test time

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Client:   National Power Roding Corporation -CCTV (Environmental Services)

  • High MTBF CCTV camera remote control and interfaces for pipe inspection

  • Video Data Display Units for Truck Command Control

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Client:   Advanced Electronic Systems (Military Electronics) - New Product Introduction

  • R&D on Vehicle Collision Avoidance for Automatic Guided Vehicles

  • X-band spread-spectrum radar for Moving Objects Identification

  • Telemetry systems & Remote Control systems for Unmanned Vehicles

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Client:   RF Technology Engineering (Military Electronics) - New Product Introduction

  • Automated Tester for naval hydro acoustic target acquisition machine

  • Sonar's correlation receiver for a very low signal/noise ratio

  • Radio-Sonobuoys for submarine – helicopter  Data & Telecommunication

  • Piezoelectric transducer antenna array for active sonar

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Boris was a very important contributor to many of our HF and UHF projects - both custom and standard products. Although part of a large company, our RFID development team required agility - quality workmanship, and just as important but, timely to market. Our engineering team, including Boris, spent many overtime hours in the lab seeking a better design. And, Boris delivered! There were many situations when Boris/our engineering team designed solutions that were "industry firsts." Boris has published articles to support. This was a time when there were little/no experiences relative to UHF RFID printer/encoder designs. Boris blazed a new trail with effective antenna designs!
Paul Baboian 
Business Development, Sales Consultant 

I've been working with Boris for a couple years now on his projects at Zebra and am extremely impressed by the depth of knowledge and experience that Boris brings to any program. He is most definitely an expert in RF design and I find that his knowledge about RF circuit theory far exceeds my own. He is most certainly an asset to Zebra and to their product line. I look forward to continuing our relationship and being able further help Boris with his design and component requirements in the future. He is a true example of an excellent customer and a great partner. This is what supplier/customer relationships should be like.
Jon Ogden 
Field Sales Engineer at Cain-Forlaw 

Boris is a unique individual with an extremely deep theoretical RF background coupled with the practicality to turn out excellent designs. Boris demonstrated these capabilities in the design of the RFID subsystem for a successful portable mobile printer currently in production. Boris is always willing to explain in any level of detail the theory and application of the design to the project team. Although this type of design is uncommon and was the first application of RFID to a battery-powered printer, it worked very well out of the chute. Boris is a truly gifted RF Engineer.
Hussam Eassa 
Sr. EE Manager at Philips Lighting 

Boris' depth of experience in RF has been an asset to his company and the industry. His designs supported Zebra's achievement of market leadership in RFID printer/encoders and garnered the respect of his team and colleagues across the AIDC industry.
Bob Cornick 
President at Barron Machine & Fabrication 

In 1998, I formed an RFID Engineering Program at Zebra Technologies, and set out to hire a senior RF Engineer. I interviewed exactly one person: Boris-- I saw a terrific talent and I hired him immediately! Since then we have collaborated for 13 years, developed multiple products, produced scientific papers and US patents. Boris has one of the best scientific minds that I know-- as well as a great engineering mind. Boris understands and applies Physics principles to the RF design so that performance can be predicted and then experimentally tested and verified. Once the design is completed, before turning it over to manufacturing, Boris does a tolerance analysis of every component and determines the acceptable performance surface. From that, the allowable tolerances of each component are then specified, so that any combination in-tolerance components used in manufacturing will produce the minimum required performance without any factory adjustments. That takes an extraordinary understanding of the not only scientific principles but also real world components as well, and the ability to perform an exquisite performance analysis. Boris is also a charming, literate and highly cultured person, whom I highly respect and love to work with. I look forward to our continued collaboration.
Clive Hohberger 
Consultant at UNOS 

I have had the pleasure of knowing Boris Tsirline for two years. During the years of our acquaintance, I have worked with Boris in many capacities. He was able to explain the technical information behind RFID antennas and coupling in layman's terms, making it very easy for someone to understand. He was always willing and able to assist anyone if needed. I would recommend Boris to any company in need of a dutiful, well-respected and knowledgeable expert.
David Buzza 
Owner/Network Admin 

Boris' thorough knowledge of electromagnetics allowed him to incorporate RFID tagging across the range of Zebra's printers under very tight space and electromagnetic constraints. His creativity in devising solutions allowed Zebra to meet its extreme standards of compatibility and reliability across a broad range of technologies including both HF and UHF tags. I believe Boris will excel in any design assignment he undertakes, but his deep understanding of electromagnetics is a relatively unique skill and invaluable in RF systems design.
David Poole 
Management Consultant 

Boris, hands down, knows his stuff, and was more than willing to help in any capacity that he could. I liked working with Boris because he could be trusted to get you the right information for the task at hand. Definitely five stars.
Mike Kreuser 
President at Kesco Security 

I worked with Boris in the “Sportster” modems group at US Robotics. Boris is an excellent analog and digital design engineer and an equally excellent project manager. I worked with him on the design of the 56k X2 telecom technology and he was innovative in creating the hardware architecture, selecting chip vendors, and working with the product management team and customers. Boris was managing up to eighteen different projects and demonstrating excellent work ethic. He is very self-motivated and self-directed, constantly sharpening his already extensive skills in hardware and RF Engineering. Boris is easy to work with; I would be happy working with him again.
Danil Arshinov 
HW Electronics Design 

Working on the projects, Boris did show strong project management, interpersonal skills, and ability to collaborate with cross-functional multi discipline teams and establish effective relationships with customers, vendors. He is experienced in all product development stages, from design through production and in device integration specifically. The modems of his projects were successfully integrated in high volume production.
Vladimir Sklovsky 
Electronics/System Engineer Professional