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Yekaterina Tsirlina is a co-founder, CEO and CAO of RFx Value Inc. consulting. Prior to establishing the firm, Ms. Tsirlina worked as an Operational Manager and Director of Production in Electronic/Electrical industry. She has excellent analytical, organizational and Project/Operation Management expertise with comprehensive experience in planning, directing and coordinating new electro-mechanical product development, certification, and manufacturing. Ms. Tsirlina has a strong orientation to customer needs and exceptional handling of clients’ relationship.

Ms. Tsirlina received a BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Moscow Power Engineering University, Russia and a Project Management Professional (PMP) from SOLEX Academy, Illinois in 2003.

Boris Y. Tsirline, who has devoted his entire career to the RF & Microwave systems design, development and implementation, co-founded RFx Value Inc. consulting in 2005. Mr. Tsirline is the President, who provides the firm with over 40 years of RF hardware specialized experience encompassing: research, technical writing, new innovative products and specification development, needs and technical analysis, engineering consultation and lecturing.

He received a BS and MS degrees in RF & Microwave Engineering from Moscow Aviation University, Russia in 1973 and a PhD in EE from Moscow State University in 1986. Before moving to the US in 1992, he served as an R&D director at “Automotive Electronics and Equipment Corp.”, Russia. His experience covers development of military and aerospace electronic systems and devices.

Dr. Tsirline has been in the Automatic Identification and Data Capture industry since 1995.

He holds three Non-Classified Russian patents, twenty seven US patents and has numerous pending applications in RFID Technologies.

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for catching sight of the “RFx Value” consulting dedicated to help companies improving their business performance with RF Technologies. We ensure your success by delivering an innovative intelligent solution that maximizes your Profit/Loss Ratio.

You can gain your revenue from our alliance in many segments of practically any industry.

We offer you our expertise in research, design, development and applications of RFID, RTLS, Wi-Fi, RF Control, UWB, Antennas, Wireless Sensors, and others. You can benefit from our education, creativity, innovation, inventiveness and experience, accumulated during 40 years working for European and US companies.

As a vendor-neutral consulting, we are able to develop a solution that is specific and unique to your business conditions and culture. In addition to refining some aspects of your business, we provide tangible and intangible measurable outcomes, which will maximize your key business ratios and personal repute.

Quite the opposite of various consulting firms and system integrators, we do not practice applications of one, single technology such as RTLS for resources tracking, RFID for an inventory management or for Supply Chain visibility increase. Instead, we combine a few technologies to achieve the best possible result, for example, in fixed asset management, retail floor operations, logistics, etc. These principles and our location in Greater Chicago Area predominantly differentiate us.

Besides technological innovations, you can also get our support with new RF product design for high quality, reliability and lean manufacturing. You can choose many other assistance activities ranging from IP expansion for Competitive Advantage down to fabrication of turnkey PCB and PCBA. Our detail knowledge of RF Engineering and “Physics of Processes and their Application Conditions” will empower you to get most out of RF technologies fusion for constructing completely effective and efficient solutions for your business.

To protect your investment and overcome your imaginable concerns, we offer a full refund, if you are not satisfied.

We appreciate your interest in “RFx Value Inc.”


Boris Y. Tsirline, PhD, President

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